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Sruli before the haircut. He was very excited for his birthday party. (Can't really blame him, can you?)

Now in the seat of honor, his special high chair! (He kept moving it back to his spot next to the table!)

First we let Sruli cut his own hair. Then Papa got to take a snip.

Next Mommy cut off a curl.

Goldie cutting a curl. Sruli doesn’t look too happy.

Shauly was so excited to cut a curl. He saved it for himself.

Chanie gets into the act, and cuts a curl for herself.

Grandpa has an envelope to put his curl into. (He has one for each of his grandsons.)

Zaidy is taking a snip of hair.

Grandma gets her turn.

Bubby and Grandma Jean also got a turn as well. Then it was time for the honey. (The honey symbolizes the learning Torah should be sweet.) Sruli looks so funny with his hair chopped off, but not cut nicely!

Papa is “buzzing” Sruli.

TaaDaaa!!! Sruli sporting his new look.

Sruli’s new yarmulkah and tzitzis, decorated ala Mommy.

All cleaned up, after the wonderful bath Grandma and Grandpa gave Sruli. Looks exactly like Shauly. With this white shirt on, he reminds me of Yossi on his first day of school last year. But I will let you decide for yourself! Yossi on the first day of school, Sept. 2000, when life was so normal. I did a really terrible job of scanning the picture. Maybe Michoel will get a chance to do a better job. Sorry!

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