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Updated February 15, 2001

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Heeeres...YOSSI! (as a newborn) Yossi was born on April 14, 1988 in Brooklyn, New York. In this picture, Yossi is only a day old.

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This was taken when Yossi Chaim was 10 months old. We were on our way to Arizona.

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Grandma tought Yossi to squeeze his fists and make a funny face. I tried to capture it here. He is about 20 months old here.


When Yossi Chaim saw me scanning this picture, he got very excited, and said "OOhhh, I love that picture!" My mom took that picture when Yossi Chaim was 2 years old... right after Goldie was born.


Purim 1992: Yossi was a Cohain Gadol (High Priest) and Goldie was King Achashvairosh. Costumes by 'Mommy'.


Once in a blue moon we get snow. Yossi, Goldie, and their friend Yonatan built a snowman in 1992.


This is from January '93, a few months before Shauly was born. Back then we tried to take them for portraits often.


Purim 1993: Goldie as Shaloch Manos, Mommy (with Shauly--soon to arrive), and Yossi as a Megillah.


At Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Murray's house in 1993, Yossi Chaim learned how to wink both eyes.


Yossi, the Lego maniac, built a Mishkan (temple) out of Legos in February 1995. Mommy forgot to submit it to the contest.


Yossi Chaim looked so cute with so many teeth missing at one time. This was taken the summer before he entered Kindergarten, 1995.


This is Yossi Chaim's kindergarten picture. He actually doesn't like it. He says that he looks like a "goober", but I think that he is sooooo cute! I could just eat him up! (Then again, I am his mommy!)


Aunt Ellen came to visit. At one point, Yossi's hair was just as wild, and a little bit longer, than Shauly's hair is here!


This was taken at Grandma Jean's house in 1996, with her brother and his wife, and Grandma and Grandpa.


This was a family picture taken at Shauly's first haircut. He had more hair than Yossi did when he was 3.


Yossi Chaim went to England in 1996 for his unlce's wedding. Here he is with Bubby and a guard.


This is one of Yossi's favorite people, if not THE favorite...Grandpa, better known as 'Gramps'. They have always been very close.


On our last day on our trip to AZ, we went up to a moutain that the kids wanted to see.


This was the one and only time all of us went to Arizona to see my family. This was also one of the last pictures we have of us from before Yossi got sick.


Yossi was very happy to pose for a picture with the Lulav and Esrog. (We use them on our holiday Succos.)


A friend arranged for a magician, Jonathan Austin, to come visit Yossi when he was in the hospital for a very long stay.


Another really nice Yossi Chaim Lego Special. Even during his time in the hospital, he played with his Legos.


Here is a very nice picture of one of Yossi Chaim's awesome Lego creations. He really enjoys playing with Legos.


Yossi Chaim and his little sister, Chanie, enjoying this massive Lego ship that he created all by himself.


One more Lego picture! Yossi Chaim, the very proud Lego master!


Yossi and long term Leukemia survivor, Rabbi Menachem.


Yossi wasn't able to come to hospital when Sruli was born. So the first stop on the way home was at Granma's and Granpa's so Sruli could meet his big brother!


Neal Price is the generous man who gave Yossi a second chance at life. He came here to help us celebrate Yossi's one year anniversary of his transplant.


It was a fun treat for Yossi to come home and spend time with us. I took the opportunity to grab a picture of all 5 kids together.


Yossi is enjoying finally being able to spend some time with Shauly!


Yossi Chaim and his sister, Goldie.


Yossi just being Yossi.


The Yossman dressed up as his favorite character...GOKU.


Our little "survivor" (Thank G-d!),His shirt says "Think Finishing A Marathon is Tough? Try Chemotherapy". He got this shirt from Debbie Rice who ran in the Leukemia Society Marathon.


Yossi with his youngest brother, Sruli.

5 kids

The kids are posing for a family shot. Have any idea how hard it is to get 5 kids to all look happy at the same time??? But every kids is smiling. I love this picture.


The three Paley boys.

scar face

This is Yossi during his hospital stay in '99 because of the shingles.


Yossi, Goldie, and Shauly when he had the shingles.


My cyberfriend Beth and her kids rode bikes across the country to raise money for cancer research. They came to visit Yossi in the hospital.


3 Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue! You may notice that kids all match each other.


Mommy decorated a cake for Yossi's first day back at school. It has a gold ribbon and a Raichu (from Pokemon).


The kids are all dressed up for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. Sruli wouldn't stop crying, so I took the picture anyway.

yossi with dog

The hospital has a program where dogs come and visit the patients. This looks almost exactly like the dog who came to visit Yossi when he was first diagnosed 3 years ago!

yoss after appendix

My mom took this picture of Yossi right after he got out of the bed. They kicked him out of the hospital an hour and half after he finally had his appendix removed.

all the kids

Another great shot from my mother. *WINK* Maybe one day she will learn how to use her camera! HEHE.

shaved heads

Shauly and Goldie got a buzz to be in solidarity with Yossi.

the boys

A recent picture of our 3 boys.

Pictures from Camp Simcha.

Newly scanned pictures and some "found" pictures.

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