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Unfortunately, there still exist some authors who publish books that claim that the notorious imposter Anna Anderson was indeed Grand Duchess Anastasia, who survived the execution. This phenomenon apparently occurs not only in the US. This translated page of The Amazon Japan site demonstrates how these types of books confuse unsuspecting readers about historical facts. The author, Hisayoshi Tsuge, was a military expert who once joined the war in Congo as an officer of the French Foreign Legion.

Tsuge is a well known author who published more than 200 books that are usually related to military politics. I do not know how he ended up in publishing a book in the “Russian historyEfield. Considering that the book was published in 1998, it seems that the publisher wanted to publish a book related to the Twentieth Century Fox's “AnastasiaEmovie, but couldn’t find a historian who would cooperate with it. Although Tsuge is credited as an “authorE not a translator, it seems that he just collected excerpts from other books published abroad. (Also, it should be noted that most books by well-known authors in Japan are written at least partially by ghost writers.)

The Truth About Grand Duchess Anastasia
by Hisayoshi Tsuge

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(Book cover says “A new nonficton novel being published right before the release of the movieE

540 Yen ($5)
Edition: Paperback
286p, 15cm x 11cm
Publisher: Syogakukan
ISBN: ISBN: 4094026010 ; (1998/08) Ranking: 172,291

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A short old lady, only 150 cm in height, showed up in her wheel chair. She had pale skin. When she looked up, her eyes as blue as aqua marine were impressive. Anastasia! I read a lot of literature about Grand Duchess Anastasia and saw many photographs of her. I am convinced that the Romanov family who denied her claims had a certain intention that was unknown to us. This book reveals the last riddle of the 20th century: the mystery of the descendant of the last Romanov dynasty.


1. Birth and Growing Up of Anastasia
2. World War I and Revolution
3. House Arrest and Escape
4. A Woman in the Canal
5. First Trip to America
6. Duke Friedrich
7. Fuhrer Hitler's Invitation
8. Defeat of Germany
9. After the War
10. Theater, Movie, and Court
11. Charlottesville
12. Death of Two

Customer Review:

4 Stars. 05/08/2001
Reviewer: Iwayan, Saitama, Japan
An Introductory book to learn about Anastasia

An 84 year old woman who claimed that she was Grand Duchess Anastasia died in 1984. Anastasia was born a fourth daughter of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. It is generally known in history that all the family members were murdered during the Russian Revolution. However, Anastasia survived this calamity. The book examines various matters from this perspective. It is true that there is a bias in selection of historical records, but this bias actually increases the reader's interest in Anastasia.

But in 1994, there was a conclusion. DNA testing was performed on her intestinal sample from a hospital where she was once operated. DNA tests showed that she was not related to the Romanov family. Does this mean that the old lady was an imposter? (But there is no clear evidence that showed that the intestine sample was hers either). I want to believe that she was indeed Anastasia.

5 Stars. 12/16/2004
Reviewer: Saritayuri Ca USA
One part was very impressive. "I had a younger sister." Anastasia (Anna Anderson) made this astonishing claim. As Tsarina had a 5th daughter, she was afraid that the Russian people would be mad at her. As a result, she gave the baby to someone abroad in secret. To explain the Tsarina's medical condition, the Russian government issued a statement that said: "the Tsarina had an "imaginary pregnancy"E

But Nicholas II allocated a lot of money for this baby. All these incidents are consistent with testimonies from royal servants who used to work inside the palace. And Anna Anderson found this younger sister later, and she even met her.
This is a book that you want to read again and again. By the way, how could you say that DNA testing was true? Do you know how easy it is to deceive the public?

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5 Stars. 06/04/2001
Reviewer: Kasutamaar Kanagawa-Prefecture, Kawasaki-city
Mystery of the 20th Century.

This is the second book I read about Grand Duchess Anastasia. When I read the first book, I was convinced that Anna Anderson IS Anastasia. Having read the second book now, my confidence grew even more. I wish many people would read this book, until the day that everyone knows she is indeed Anastasia.

(Translated by Junichi Hayashi);action=display;num=1129430458;start=0

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