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The Five Pillars

Iman - Belief

Have you ever wondered about Allah?

Prophet Muhammad

How to make Wudu

Lets learn about Hajj

All About Ramadan

Prophets of God

Malaikah - The Angels

The best neighbour

Why am I Alive?

Good Deeds

Helping other people

Collection of Hadith

What is Islam?

What is Sunnah?

Where did the Qur’an come from?

The importance of Salah


Lailatul Qadr

How to make wudu - Uses Flash

The Islamic Months

The Days of the Week

Book of Du'a and Dhikr

Islamic Lesson Planning


The Qur'an and me

What the Qur'an says about Humans

Facts about the Qur'an

Prophets of Allah (swt)

Five Pillars of Islam

Six Articles of Faith

Books of Allah

Teachings of the Qur'an

The Universe

The story of prophet Nuh (as)

Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Powerpoint Presentations

All about wudu

What should I Say?


Al-Fatihah - The Opening

An-Naas - Mankind

Al-Falaq - The Dawn

Al-Ikhlas - The Sincerity

Al-Lahab - The Flame

An-Nasr - The Assistance

Al-Kafirun - The Disbelievers

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