Artista: Joeé
Nobre Real: Joey DeSimone
Estilos: Dance-Pop/NRG/Eurodance
Pais: Canada
Exitos: Agel, If I Could, Do You Right.

Joeé es un cantante Dance-pop Canadiense, su nombre real es Joey DeSimone; sus principales exitos "Angel", "If I Could" y "Do You Right" lo establecieron le como un ídolo adolescente.

En 1999 él lanzó su principio LP titulado Truth.

Just A State Feat. Intonation

1. Almost Suicide
2. Died In Your Arms (Radio Mix)
3. I Wish You Well
4. Feel It In The Air
5. Nothing To You (Radio Mix)
6. Take Our Time
7. Need You In My Life
8. Open Your Heart
9. Nothing To You (Miami Mix)
10. Died In Your Arms (Club Mix)


1. Do You Right
2. Angel
3. If I Could
4. Backdoor
5. Sweet Devine
6. Hard To Say
7. Don't Let Me Down
8. Feel It In The Air (Reconstruction Mix)
9. Almost Suicide (Reunified Mix)
10. Holdin' On


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