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I’m a Computer Systems Engineer from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara where I’m working on my Thesis investigation to conclude the Computer Sciences Master’s degree. My investigation is about a solution of a 3D representation from an image on a haptic surface for blind, visually impaired or sighted people to allow perceive or enriching the perception of 2D images as a 3D representation generated by software that can be touched through the haptic interface.


            I currently work for HP in Guadalajara, México as Software Application Specialist focused mainly on the SAP/Unix replenishment platform for the Americas region.


            I’m interested on anything referred to computing, electronics or communication and I like to travel, do sports and cultural activities such as practice basketball, swimming, tennis and folkloric dance, watch TV and movies, reading and listening music among other things.

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MCS related work

·         Is colour an invariant - Paper Review

·         FEELEX - Paper Review

·         TACTICS - Paper Review

·         Color Reduction thru Neural Networks - Paper Review

·         Practices  1 and 2

·         Investigation Preliminary Presentation

·         Investigation Protocol (draft)



·         HP

·         Autonomous University of Guadalajara

·         ACM Conference

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·         IASTED

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Complete Papers Links


·         3D Concepts By The Sighted, The Blind And From The Computer - Kurze, Holmes (1996)

·         TDraw: A Computer-based Tactile Drawing Tool for Blind People - Kurze (1996)

·         Color coarse segmentation and regions selection for similar images retrieval

·         Colour-based-object-recognition

·         Computational strategies for object recognition

·         Direct haptic rendering of isosurface

·         Discriminant-filters-for-object recognition

·         Efficient-part-based-3d object representation from single viewpoint range image

·         Feature based single-view 3D object recognition in optical images using invariants

·         FEELEX_Adding haptic surface to graphics

·         FEELEX_Adding haptic surface to graphics (local doc)

·         Gibbs-fields-with-multiple pairwise pixel interactions for texture simulation and segmentation

·         Haptic-graphs-for-blind

·         Is-colour-an-invariant?

·         Is-colour-an-invariant? (local doc)

·         Neural-networks_their-efficacy towards the malaysian it environment

·         On estimation of the number of image principal colors thru neural networks

·         On estimation of the number of image principal colors thru neural networks (local doc)

·         Tactics-a-tactile-image

·         Tactics-a-tactile-image (local doc)

·         The design of 3D haptic widgets

·         The-perception-of-texture