Soziedad Alkoholika, hardcore between the spanish inquisition

-How the Spanish public takes your songs, for example "Palomas y Buitres " (Doves and Vultures).
-A little that it happens, they receive all the information by television and raisin that same effect, they are believed that we are a patriotic group Basque or that we defend that type of waves when that song in fact explains that us, what we defend is that the towns are those that have the word. If its true that there is a democracy it's the Basque town the one that has to vote if, wants to be independent or not. Also from the Spanish state many fans that follow us they have a little confused. And it's that I'm not defending the violence, I'm defending the democracy. I don't like violence and it's more, most of the Basque town doesn't support that fight cause that is what the Spanish state uses to be able to attack to the Basque nationalism, if it didn't exist that violence right now one could make more.
-Concerning to the experience that you haved here in Mexico, you come from a country where there are shots and have this terrible problem of the attacks, the repression of the Spanish state and you face with a public that is damned, bastard andthrows stones, how do you feel?
-Certainly we are afraid, we don't understand that gratuitous violence of here.
-They say that it happened to you flying something for the nose on Saturday in Tlatelolco.
-Yes, it happened to me a fist.
-what was happened, they say that deliberately they cut them the light..
-Yes something like that happened, they also broke then the barriers that were very not well on, people came toward to the stage and I don't know if they broke the cable of the team or the technician of the team got scared and it removed the light or what is, then the light was cut and we could not continue playing, people warmed a lot and I was trying to explain ' it is that there is not light, we cannot play, it is necessary to wait' but people didn't calm down and it began to ascend to try to stick, a thing that was incredible. Us if we came of so far with the effort that costs that they bring us and that whole wave. What we want to make is to play and people that likes our music has the opportunity to see us in live and of checking if likes the band or not and, we take ourselves a very big deception. Have been hallucinated, there is much more violence here that the one that is there with that of the armed fight in Euskadi. Here the violence is felt much more in the streets that there, I live in the Basque country and I take there since I was born and I have never seen an explosion and an attack, same if I have had problems with the police in manifestations a thousand, but not that violence that here is breathed in the streets of some against others as in a concert where they are supposed that all of same people, that you like that music and to see them there stick among them unconscious... because they finished sticking among them.
-Was a lot of people?
-Was not a lot of people they were as 500, for luck.
- How do you escaped from that situation?
- For a door, they took out us and we pass a lot of fear, it's that it doesn't fit me in the head that kind of situation.
- You knew that the Arena López Mateos where you will play next Sunday are much more bigest and the place have a great history in this kind of incidents? People will go mad that, what you wait with that show?
-I don't know it!



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