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'Thai Traditional Medical Science, school and Univesrity. Thai traditional medical science can be found throughout all of the Thai community, with certain cures from herbs and other ingredients. In the old days there were 2 types of doctors: a Royal doctor and a local one. At the start of the Rattanakosin period, King Rama III appointed a Royal doctor, Phraya Bamroer Rajaphat, as the chief of the doctors to inscribe medical text on pieces of slate and framed them on column of the cloisters around the Phra Maha Chedis and in pavilions or Sala Rai. In 1986 King Rama V appointed his royal doctors to translate the great edition of Pali-Sanskrit into a Thai version; indexing the books as Medical Science Textbook [Royal Edition]; and another one body massage known as Massage Handbook - Royal Edition. On 30th May 1962, a council of ancient medical science doctors was approved by Ministry of Health to found Wat Phra Chetuphon Thai Traditional Medical Science School [Wat Pho] for Thai Traditional medical science and reflexology only."

Advanced Thai Traditional Medical Massage (10 day course): Think of it as passive yoga. Considered by Thai's as the "giving of loving kindness", the therapist performs a series of gentle stretches and pressure point work on the client's clothed body. Thai massage has many benefits – it can help with stress, lower back and neck pain, insomnia, headaches, lymphatic drainage, sporting injuries. And it increases your flexibility

Thai Chinese Foot Reflexology (3 day course): Thai Body Massage is generally for healthy and well, good health - feeling persons. It includes many movements of the body, which can be found in Yoga and bodybuilding, or other active body movements. If the Masseur is not a real high qualified, experienced recognized masseur with at least a few year of training and school, one wrong move or massage without the required qualification can do more harm. Contrary, Thai Foot Reflexology is for everyone and every age and can be practized at your home, to your family, parents once they are in need or realy pain or 'down'. Feet Reflexology: 'Help and give real assistance, well feeling, relax, healing for many problems.' If ever you have been in Thailand, the country where all on this site explained Massage has his 'home' today, you may immediate see the difference. Thai Body Massage is very often misused by Massage Parlors because to be getting a real Body Massage there are only few real places. But you can see in all districts, ever in the best location THAI FEET REFLEXOLOGY. We do not condemn Thai Body Massage as we are also certified Body Massage Therapist, but the misuse is quite often. This is a very dangerous effect and recently the Thai Government has placed a restriction on proceeding with Thai Body Massage Salons or Centers. Also a new law and regulation soon will regulated the institution which are qualified and authorized to issue Diplomas as Certified Thai Massage Therapist. We strongly support this undertaking because at least the client will get a real massage from a qualified Masseur and not Mill Diploma Massagist.

Therapeutic massage has a long history in Thailand, with the techniques having passed unchanged down the centuries. Its roots can be traced back to ancient India where Jivaka Komarabhacca, a physician, who was a friend and contemporary of Lord Buddha, established the techniques that are still used to this day, some 2,500 years ago.
Knowledge of massage in Thailand has been handed down by word of mouth across the generations, from father to son, from mother to daughter and from teacher to pupil. With the advent of a written alphabet, in the reign of King Ramkamhaeng the Great, Thai scholars began to prepare records of all aspects of Thai life and society, and the founding knowledge of what has become Thai massage was inscribed for future generations. Sadly, most of these ancient records were destroyed in 1776 when the Burmese invaders sacked Thailand's illustrious capital of Ayuthaya. What little that was left was literally graven in stone when King Rama III, wishing to preserve the ancient traditions, had the remaining texts inscribed on the walls of one of the best known of Bangkok's temples, called Wat Pho. (Wat Chetupon Wimolmangklaram Rajwora Mahawiharn).

Nowadays there are many different kinds of massage practiced in Thailand, and of the most interesting of these is foot massage. The theory is simple but the practice is far more complex because the force applied by the fingers must be very carefully and precisely directed to a specific nerve on the foot. Each part of the foot is reputedly linked to another, often distant, part of the body, with influence extending not just to the muscles but also to the vital organs as well.
Learning the basic steps can help you to cure yourself should you have any injury or pain, either externally or within.

Thai Traditional Body Massage:(We do not offer this course any longer as we have seen that citizen from Asian Nation like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Maldives has been coming in the past years to obtain a fast Thai Body Massage Certificate from several Private schools on a Tourist Visa and offer now in Europe with this certificates Thai Body Massage Courses like a Diploma Mill - against hard cash.
We cannot share this Philosophy of selling this amazing old science in short time course and afterwards the student starts to proceeds Thai Body Massage on others with insufficient knowledge and experience.)

If you wish really to practice the genuine Thai Body Massage Therapy, maybe you contact direct the Wat Po Medical School in Bangkok by email:

Or write direct to WAT PO THAI TRADITIONAL MEDICAL MASSAGE SCHOOL, 2 Maharaj Rd. Pranakorn, Bangkok 10210, Bangkok, Thailand. Tel: 00+662+212974/2254771

We provide Thai Feet Reflexology Courses in Europe every three months. Then again three months at our center in North East Thailand. For more information about date and location please send email to:

For Thai Advanced Medical Massage please send email to:

For general information on our courses Thai Advanced Medical Massage and Feet Reflexology in Europe or Far-East please end Email to:

NEWS:Middle 2002 we will become a Wat School in Thailand. Our Institute will be renamed according the cooperation with the Wat.If you wish to receive the Newsletter with General News about Massage, Nuad Boran, Thailand, Laos, new developments, laws and regulation, maybe once a months, please send email





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