Staff Sergeant Macario García

Medal of  Honor
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22nd Infantry Regiment
Rank And Organization : Macario Garcia - Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, B/1-22, 4th Infantry Division.

Place And Date : Near Grosshau, Germany, 27 November 1944.

Entered Service At : Sugarland, Texas.

Born : 20 January 1920, Villa de Castano, Mexico.

G.O. # 74, 1 September 1954.


Citation : Staff Sergeant Macario Garcia, Company B, 22nd Infantry, in action involving actual conflict with the enemy in the vicinity of Grosshau, Germany, 27 November 1944. While an acting squad leader, he single-handedly assaulted two enemy machine gun emplacements. Attacking prepared positions on a wooded hill, which could be approached only through meager cover, His company was pinned down by intense machine-gun fire and subjected to a concentrated artillery and mortar barrage. Although painfully wounded, he refused to be evacuated and on his own initiative crawled forward alone until he reached a position near an enemy emplacement. Hurling grenades, he boldly assaulted the position, destroyed the gun, and with his rifle killed three of the enemy who attempted to escape. When he rejoined his company, a second machine-gun opened fire and again the intrepid soldier went forward, utterly disregarding his own safety. He stormed the position and destroyed the gun, killed three more Germans, and captured four prisoners. He fought on with his unit until the objective was taken and only then did he permit himself to be removed for medical care. S/Sgt. (then Pvt.) Garcia's conspicuous heroism, his inspiring, courageous conduct, and his complete disregard for his personal safety wiped out two enemy placements and enabled his company to advance and secure its objective.


Macario Garcia Biography
Macario Garcia was born on January 2, 1920, in Villa de Castana, Mexico. When he was four years old, his family moved to Sugarland, Texas. Because he came from a migrant worker lifestyle, Macario was only able to complete the third grade. On November 11, 1942, at the age of twenty-four, he was inducted into the U.S. Army. After D-Day, PFC Garcia fought alongside General George Patton’s tanks all the way to St. Lo and then across France. During an engagement with the enemy, PFC Garcia was wounded by shell fragments. Refusing to be evacuated, he continued scouting and fighting, eventually capturing a German machine gun emplacement. As a result of his actions and bravery, he was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star with Valor Device. He was wounded again and finally ordered to a hospital to recover. In the winter of 1944, he returned to combat and was promoted to acting sergeant and squad leader. In action near Grosshau, Germany, during an assault on enemy positions on a hill, Sergeant Garcia was shot in the right shoulder. Despite his wounds, he continued up the hill, destroying two enemy machine gun emplacements. He again refused medical treatment until the position was secured. For his efforts, Sergeant Garcia was awarded Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters for his second Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

On August 23, 1945, Staff Sergeant Macario Garcia became only the third Hispanic ever to be the recipient of our nation’s highest award for valor as he was awarded the Metal of Honor by President Truman. In 1946, Garcia took advantage of an offer by president Truman and took a position with the Veteran’s Administration. In 1952, he married Alicia Reyes. Before they were married, Macario attended high school during the evenings and earned his diploma from Sam Houston High School. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia had three children, Carlos, Robert, Maria Teresa and Rene Gustavo.

As a contact representative with the V.A., it was Garcia’s assignment to inform veterans of benefits due to them. In 1968, he volunteered to go to Vietnam for the V.A. to counsel returning veterans on their benefits. Garcia joined the U.S. Army reserved in 1953 and eventually attained the highest enlisted rank possible, Command Sergeant Major.

On Christmas Eve, 1972, "Mac", as his friends called him, was involved in a head-on collision in Sugarland, Texas that took his life. Sergeant Macario Garcia was a true American hero and an inspiration to his fellowman.

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