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Hi! My name is Sakucita and you are in the official fanlisting for WaT's last single, Hava Rava. Please have enjoy and if you like or love this song, please join to the fanlisting =D oh! and read the rules first, please! ;D

My colective! =D My fanlistings colective TAFL!

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    WaT (Wentz and Teppei) is a Japanese pop duo, composed of singers/songwriters Eiji Wentz and Teppei Koike. They met each other in 2002 and formed WaT, playing street lives with their guitars. Their debut single "Boku no Kimochi" came out in 2005. Wentz, who is half German-American and half Japanese, is also known as an entertainer and comedian. Koike is also known as an actor and can play the harmonica.

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    If you want to download the song Hava Rava, please click here and if you click here, you will read the lyric.

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    1.- You need to write a valir e-mail address.

    2.- And, of course, a real Country, I don't need your city or the continent, I need your COUNTRY.

    3.- You don't need a website page, but if you have it one, please write your url and put a code of this fanlisting.

    4.- I don't acept web-sites porno, hentai, illegal, etc.

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    [001] Sakucita
    Country: Mexico
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