Myriam in the USA
My Memory Book
This picture was taken the first day with my host family, on a bike outing.

Recorded here are memories of my year as an international exchange student in the USA.

My Well-Wishers

Hi Guys, Your exchange student sounds wonderful. And very educated. Hope she is enjoying herself. -08/20/2002, host father's sister, Canyon Country, CA

Dear Myriam, Great picture. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Welcome! My name is Shareinea and I live in Norfork, Arkansas, about 14 miles south of Mountain Home, AR. You have chosen a very nice family to stay with. They are very sweet and kind people. I hope you will learn as much from them as they will from you. Have a Great stay and maybe we will meet some time. -08/20/2002, host mother's friend

Thanks for the picture and information. Your house guest appears to be a very well rounded young lady. Why she would want to come to Kansas is her only sign of instability!! hee.. hee.. -08/17/2002, host mother's father, Alturas, CA

Best Wishes. -08/17/2002, host father's childhood friend, Mountain Home, AR

The exchange student with you is lovely, and seems she will add a wonderful dimension to your family and home. -08/17/2002, host parent's friend, St. Paul, KS

It is nice to meet your new family member. Tell her I said I hope she enjoys her stay here! I love you all! -08/17/2002, host mother's cousin, Mountain Home, AR

Tell her she picked a great family to exchange with. (Now pay me $)..ha! -08/16/2002, host father's best friend, Fayetteville, AR

Best Wishes. -08\15\2002, host father's sister, Redwood City, CA

Best Wishes. -08\15\2002, host father's sister, Pahrump, NV

How neat! That's wonderful! I think Myriam will enjoy her stay here with your family. Congratulations to you and to her. -08/16/2002, host mother's aunt and uncle, Yucaipa, CA

Hi y'all, Congratulations on your newest addition to you household and Welcome. How wonderful to know so many languages; it's a good chance for your family to practice foreign language conversational skills. -08/16/2002, host mother's mother, Mountain Home, AR

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My host family celebrates Ayym-i-H, an annual celebration of the unity of mankind in preparation for a month-long fast.
Myriam looks great, sporting a short, sassy hairstyle.
Making Music
with my Host Family
Myriam on violin,
Skyler on lead,
on bass...
and Eli
on drums.
Skyler, Myriam, & Marie at the Tulsa Airport departing for sunny Southern California for winter break.
Click here for the rest of the photos of my visit to California.
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My Info:
My name is Myriam. I am an international exchange student to the USA. I enjoy snowboarding and playing the violin.