~*~~*~*~*~~~*About me*~~*~~*~*~*~~*~
Name : Aireiko ,Lavender Ȧ
Other name : Murasaki , Sakichan ,Aichan
Blood type : A ( same as kaoru ,sakito ,kikasa ,and many cool jrocker.....^_^ )
Birthday :20th Oct (Libra)
Place : Malaysia
Language : Chinese ( Mandarin ,Cantonese ,Hokkien ) ,English , and little on malay and Japanese .
Email : mystery_lavender@yahoo.com
ICQ : 21324390
Website :
Lavender no heya (Jrock and Dir en grey site )
Silver Ash Fansite (First Chinese Visual Band )
Zanith<--->Nadir (Nightmare fansite )
Dear... Due' le quartz unofficial site
Favourite Visual/Jrocker : Kaoru kaoru kaoru(Dir en grey)~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Die(deg),Ling&Yue(SilverAsh),Sakito(Nightmare) ,Bansaku(Baroque),Ryo(Baroque) ,Yuu(Eldorado) ,Shizumi(Kagerou) ,Sakito,Kikasa(Due' le quartz) ,Ryota(Noix) ,Kamijo(Lareine) ,Kon(La'mule) ,Gackt ,Aiji(Pierot) , ...etc
Favourite Visual /Jrock band : Dir en grey ,Silver Ash, Lareine ,Pierrot , Hide ,Xjapan ,Gackt ,Penicillin ,Janne da Arc ,Malice Mizer ,Luna Sea ,Laputa ,Laruku ..etc
Favourite Indies band : Nightmare,Baroque ,Kagerou ,Despairs ray ,Eldorado,La'mule,Due' le quartz ,Vidoll ,Aliene Ma'riage ,Mucc,Merry,Velvet Eden ,Syndrome ,.....etc
Favourite Korean artist/singer : Kang Ta (can't believe?^^! but he is pretty and cute,there  have a pic he makeup like women .)
Favourite colour : Purple ,blue
Favourite Fruit : Berry(strawberry ,bluebeery-ice cream!!) ,cherry ,peach ,grape ,mango,watermellon, kiwifruit,persimmon..etc
Favourite Food : Japanese food-ramen ,katsu karei rice ,sushi ,unagi .......all......chinese food ,western food .etc .
Jrock and Me .
I listened Jrock since 1998 ,I'm prefer visual and gothic style rock band ,Love Dir en grey !!!but i do listen any kind of music too ,include jpop and jrock ,all ...just the song are nice and i have feel to it .And the jrocker i like....kaochan!!!!......ok. i love Kaoru  ,almost the jrocker i like are mystery ,cool ,gorgeous and sexy ^O^huhhhhhh~~~i like mystery guy.  I dont know why i will love VR ,when i find it ,i already attracted by them ,they are really cool and special .When you really love a thing ,it should be no reason .
Comics/Novel i like .
I like to read novel and comics ,my fav is BL story  ^^!! I did write few fanfic  and up in my Jrock site but all in chinese .Other comic i like is about rock band or cute and nice manga.
My Room
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