“EDUCATION FOR ALL”   this is the slogan of 21st Century. As Education being the key for development of any nation, we can say: one of the fundamental requirements for a nation to be a developed one is “Educated People”. Nepal, being a developing country has realized that for development Education is the most important thing. The educated group or the Intellectuals of Nepal are dedicated to provide Education to the Nepalese people. Government organizations, non-government organizations and civic society, are working side by side to develop an educated man power for the nation. One of the examples of such programmes managed and organized by youths of Nepal is “Nabin English School” of Bhaktapur District, Nepal.

As Nepal is going through a situation of financial crisis, substantial funding by the government on Educational programmes is not currently reliable. Though, Nepal believes in Education for all but due to the political instability and various other reasons like Maoist insurgency, the educational programmes have not yet reached the people below the poverty line. The civic society of Nepal and other non-governmental organizations are currently working on their own in providing education to the poorer people. Nabin School is one of the organizations that runs with the motto that Education is the building block of a Nation, and the light of education should reach those people.

With so many ups and downs and various difficulties in management, Nabin School is always working hard and trying to go a step forward in its main principle and motto “Education Is the Building Block of a Nation.” Being located in a village named Jhaukhel of Bhaktapur district, Nabin School’s aim is to provide education for the people in the village. More than 35% of the people of these three VDCs are illiterate. Nabin School is working with a strategy and mission to provide education to the community. Nabin School believes that this will be a minor step on the development of education but will be a major step for the development of our Nation as a whole in the future.

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Contact Address:

Nabin Eng. Sec. School

Jhaukhel -4, Bhaktapur

Tel: 97716613724


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