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Mad Kate &  JuanOfaKind
Kathryn Fischer (aka Mad Kate) and Juan de Chamie (aka JuanOfaKind) came to Berlin from San Francisco with shreds of material, a few zippers, and their favorite CDs not yet four years ago. They've since made their mark as two of the most avant-garde, fresh-thinking, gender fucking jacks of all trades who run operations from their atelier/design store/performance space LET IT BLEED ( ).

From the catwalk to the dance floor, Juan Chamié, aka JuanOfaKind ( ), is an artist whose influence transforms futuristic fashion into pop sensibility. His outrageous costume and clothing designs add texture and fantasy to the movements of Berlin's cutting-edge dancers and performers. His designs are sold at boutiques on both sides of the Atlantic and can always be found at LET IT BLEED.  As an experienced deejay and producer, Juan has worked in radio, clubs, and promoted music events throughout the United States for over twenty-five years. A talented singer-songwriter, Juan is the founding member of the record label Terraform Records ( and has performed as the front singer for Drop Culture, Shiver, and Bethnel Green. Juan is one of the innovators of the legendary San Francisco party Built for Speed ( ). Now six years running, Built for Speed mixes performance art, fast fashion and switchblade cool into a punk rock cocktail. Its sister party, Built for Speed Berlin, celebrates its three year anniversary at the King Kong Klub and is always home to experimental performance artists and musicians. When he is not working on his new design collection, Juan performs and produces alien-burlesque-theater around Europe with his partner Mad Kate.  

Kathryn Fischer, aka Mad Kate (
/ and ), is a multifaceted dancer, singer, writer and performance artist who challenges audiences with her outright queer sexuality. Combining elements of dance theatre, spoken word, acrobatics, vocals and fashion, she seduces audiences with her dynamic stage presence as she performs what can only be called alien burlesque. As a contemporary improvisational dancer she integrates techniques from Ballet to Afro-Cuban to Butoh to Fetish—pioneering a style uniquely her own. She is front woman for the punk-rock-cabaret band Kamikaze Queens, who will release their first LP, Voluptuous Panic, on Sounds of Subterranea Records this fall. Mad Kate is being featured in Ivan Arrenega's "Berlin Manners: Burlesque in Berlin," Jess Feast's documentary "Cowboys and Communists," and played the lead role in Julia Ostertag's new film, "Saila." She was recently featured in Bizarre Magazine as "the insane one" for her grotesque anti-burlesque notoriety. Both Kate and Juan are resident performers at Berlin's infamous Grotesque Gala.
- picture by Mirium Reer