I think thse disclaimers should be pretty obvious, but seeing as how some people just don't 'get' it, I felt the need to have a disclaimer page.

For one, I do not own any rights to the character Figwit, Lord of the Rings, or basically anything on these fan pages, what-so-ever. The name Figwit was actually created by the Figwit Lives site, found on my links page. Lord of the Rings, of course, was made by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Don't get me wrong. I would
love to claim Bret McKenzie, but it's just not happening.

For two, I don't do much except throw things together that I find and make this site. Not all the information found and announced is always true. I try to get only the true stories put up, but sometimes even they might not have all the facts straight.

This disclaimer goes hand-in-hand with the first one. Nothing I find or say is actually from my own creation, unless said otherwise. Basically, I find all my material on other sites. Figwit pictures? I don't own any of them, except for some fan art that I might do from time to time. Interviews? Coppied from other sites.

Three, as said on the main page, everything is always subject to change, including the disclaimers. This is all I have for the time being.