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February 21, 2003   Yes this page still exists, and yes I'm still alive. Just been busy. Updates are hoped to come soon. I have more pictures to add! Whoo-hoo!

January 15, 2003  
I have started the Gallery page, though it's going to take a bit before it's completed. (I will be/have been quite busy.) I also took off  the counter. And... I won't pressure anyone to sign my guestbook by putting up any silly notices. Nope. Not at all. *wink*

January 12, 2003 
Figtion, Fan Fic page updated. It currently just has my-works-in-progress on it. I've still been trying to submit the site to a search engine so that other people will stumble onto the page sometime. So far? No luck...

January 11, 2003  
*gasp* what's this??? I've UPDATED?! Mainly fixed a few bugs on this page. Now, the Sign/View guestbook thingies have nifty pics to match the theme of the page. There should be links to the Figwit Fan Art, as well as the Links page, too, and the Figwit's Brother part has been made. Go check it out, if you're curious enough..

December 16, 2002
    Basic disclaimer's page is done, and I finally have the Figwit page linked to my main page. Whee! I've decided that the itty bitty leaf at hte bottom will be my link back to my main page, about ALL my interests. Not just Figwit. (For those insanely curious. lol) So far? I believe all I have is the link to this, mainly...

December 12, 2002  
Page begins construction. If I can keep from drooling over our precious Figwit long enough, then I may actually get some real work done on it.

Upcoming page plans involve a disclaimer, gallery, fan art, fan fiction, and karaoke sections. Note that since none of these sections exist yet, you're led to the 'This page has not yet come to pass.' section.

FURTHER upcoming plans involve making a network of my Bret McKenzie, Black Seeds, and Flight of the Conchords pages