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UPDATED : Source : Katholisches Pfarramt/Obersinn uber Germunden/Main Edgar Grehn (Pastor)

April 8 1999

HOFMANN, Valentine Born : 12 August 1852 Obersinn, Bavaria, Germany Baptisied : 13 Aug 1852 St. Jakobus Kirch in Obersinn.

Parents : HOFMANN, Johann KROCKEL, Margaretha B : 21 July 1802 B : 24 September 1811 Born in Obersinn,Germany Born in Obersinn, Germany GOdfather/Witness : WEISMANTEL, Valentin of Obersinn,Germany

Married : 22 July 1830 in Obersinn Germany

Grandparents : Paternal side.... Note : There were 2 brothers each named Johann. The pastor was unsure which one is he husband of Weikinger,Margaretha.

HOFMANN, Johann WEIKINGER, Margatha B : 13 Sept 1771 B : 14 October 1779 or HOFMANN, Johann B : 31 July 1777 Married : 21 February 1803

Great Grandparents : HOFMANN, Nikolaus WEIKINGER, Johann Peter Spouse : Katharina ? Eva ? MILLER, Gerhard

Grandparents : Maternal side.... KROCKEL, Johann Georg Spouse : WEBER, Anna Margaretha B : 23 February 1788 Great Grandparents : ??? ??? WEBER, Johann Spouse : FURST, Eva Dorothea

The following is a postcard of the Catholic Church Katholisches Pfarramt Eller 28 27721 Obersinn, Germany ( at the river Sinn ),Bavaria Germany. Valentine came to New York on the ship SS Donan in July 1871.Passport ApplicationHe was naturalized in Kings Co. Brooklyn, New York in 1879. He started as a tailor to George HOFMANN (do not know connection,possibly his uncle, although no further knowledge has been found.)Valentine settled in Brooklyn, New York.He married Margaretha GRAMMICH (can not locate marriage certificate) They had ten children. The following is a picture taken 1906.First row left to right seated is Margaretha GRAMMICH-HOFMANN and Valentine HOFMANN

Valentine went into the liquor business and became the co-owner with his brother-in-law Frank IBERT.(Margaretha's sister, Mary Grammich married Frank Ibert). The Frank IBERT Brewing Company and HOFMANN Cafe. It was located on the corner of Evergreen,Linden and Grove, in Brooklyn. The top 2 floors were apartments. After Prohibition went into effect the brewery no longer produced beer but it did continue in the food end, becomimg "The Linden Gardens" The building remainded in the family until the 1950's when it was destroyed by fire. This is a picture taken abt. 1898/1900 of the IBERT Brewery/HOFMANN Cafe.Iberts and Hofmann's stand infront. Notice to the left the horse drawn beer barrel wagon.

One of the children Mary Elizabeth (Mamie) HOFMANN married Edward F. FEIST. They had two children, George and my mother Margaret.

The following are facts and dates that I have verified. (Other surnames ERSTEIN, JUNGKLAUS, BURKHARDT, WINTERRATH,)

HOFMANN,Valentine B.12 Aug 1852 D.11 Feb 1925
Bavaria,Germany Brooklyn,New York.USA
Married Date unknown at this time
GRAMMICH,Margaret B.30 Mar 1844 D.26 Nov 1921
New York,USA Brooklyn,New York.USA
(Believe marraige took place in New York but cannot locate any records.)