These are stories about Shrinking Women (SW).  If you're not into that, you're likely in the wrong place.  Many of  them were posted originally on The Shrinking Women Message Board.  Except for the first one, I would never have written them if it weren't for the kind comments of the readers on the Board.  Thank you all.

Every person, place and thing in these stories is fictional.  All stories copyright © 2000-2006 by NaOH_r.  Please don't post them elsewhere or otherwise distribute them without permission.

September 9, 2006


Some of the stories in this group have mature themes but none are graphic with regards to sex or violence

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
My first story, so cut me some slack on this one.

Lanth Junkie
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Sequel to Lanth.  I was listening to Jill Sobule's song I Kissed a Girl when I wrote this.

Day in a Year
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
A Celtic theme.  Of these stories, one of my favorite plots.  It grew out of speculation on how clothing might shrink.
March 2000

Too Real
Video game technology.  I drank a bottle of champagne while I was writing this, instead of my usual coffee.
May 2000

Water Lily
Lots of favorable comments on the writing in this.  Some people didn't care for the content but then some did.  A harmless story.
July 2000

Part 1
Part 2
This is based on a Toyogub pic with the same title.  My apologies to him for ripping off his concept.  The picture is on Toyogub's site, for some reason in the Gallery Toy section.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
A career assignment requiring some preparation.
November 12, 2001

text fragment
Not really a story, more a description of a state of mind that I soldered an introduction and ending onto.
January 2001

The stories in this group have some sex or violence in them but they aren't pornographic.  On the other hand, they aren't The Bobbsey Twins,  so if you're offended by descriptive prose, you might want to give them a miss.


Shrinking Machine
Based on a Toyogub picture with the same title.  In the same universe as Countdown, which it's sort of a prologue to.  Day in a Year is in this universe too.  WARNING: THIS STORY HAS SOME NASTY ELEMENTS. I didn't even post it on the Board under my regular pen name.
Here's a link to the picture.
March 2000

Passionate Kisses
The most erotic story here.  The only erotic story here.  It has a decent title because I stole it from the Mary Chapin Carpenter song.
October 2000, revised January 2001, revised November 2003

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If you like this sort of thing, there are many other sites containing somewhat similar material.  There are two very good lists o' links.

Shrinky's is here.

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Since they both include many of the essential SW sites, there is a lot of overlap.  Still they each list sites not included in the other.
Be aware that many sites have content a lot more explicit than this one's.


A fine writer (and friend), Azure Eyes,  has made a collection of her stories available as a book.  Even though I had read most of these online over the years, I find them to be even better reading as proper printed stories.  If you like my stories, you'll very likely like hers at least as much.  You can order her book at:

The Dollhouse

Besides her stories, this book also includes B&W photo illustrations by XilStudios.  I highly recommend this book.

Last revised September 9, 2006