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This page was created by Barcillo (which means  "little bar") in order to share some basic Booze information with the Internet Alcohol-loving community. The intention of this page is to do this in a humorous way, so don't take everything seriously. Barcillo doesn't recommend drinking and driving or anything illegal that may be described here.
The Booze Zone was originally made on Nov/19/96, but I lost my counter and started it again after I reconstructed it.

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The Booze Zone:
Drinking Tips, Cocktails,Hangover,FunStuff to do, Drinking Music, Drinking Humor, Links...
Ecuadorian Food, Hangover Food, Recipees & Description, Where to eat in Guayaquil, Links..
Jokes and Humor:
Drinking Humor, Interactive Games & Tests, Men vs. Women, Top Stuff, Other, Links...
Overview, History, Today, Slang, Survival Guide, CTG, Adult Entertainment, Where to eat, Jose A. Campos (writer), Barcelona S.C...
Drinking Music, Ecuadorian Music, Artists, Julio Jaramillo, Jukebox, Links...
Ecuadorian Drinks:
Overview, Beer, Types of Liquor, Liquor producers, Ecuadorian Cocktails, Non alcoholic Drinks
Shockwave Flash Pages:
Barcelona S.C., Virtual Ecuadorian Bar, Game: "Shoot The Buitre", Pisco Capel, Download Barcelona Screen Saver
Other Pages:
The Real Barcillo, Awards, Links, View Old GuestBooze, Sign  My GuestBooze

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