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Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget!

Craving filet mignon? White Truffles? Beluga Caviar on a carved ice throne???

I have the sneaking suspicion that you are in the wrong spot!!

However, if you want recipes that won't break the bank, plus some nutrition and shopping tips, then bookmark this page!

At this site you will find links to some of the best cooking sites on the Internet, plus recipes of my own (and those of my friends), and information about the ingredients and techniques that make the difference between eating to live and living to eat!

Looking for the low-fat, high fibre version? (more text, fewer graphics...) click here!


My humblest apologies, netizens. Due to minor illness, major studies and a host of other similarily feeble excuses, I've not had time to update this page in far too long!!!. I promise, I will get back to it soon!


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Some of the best links on the Internet.....

spicy.gif - 4.4 K
The Mystery Food Site of the Week ....go ahead...give it a try!

VegSource My new favourite vegetarian web page, VegSource has it all...great recipes, super people and tons of forums for those weird people who like to talk about something other than food...I just don't get it....other than food? Omnivore friendly least, they let me in! *g*

Gail's Recipe Swap This is probably the best site around for collecting recipes and tips...a forum filled with people willing to give their tried and true recipes away, just for the asking!

Chatelaine Conversations: Food and Recipes Another great forum for exchanging recipes and by the Canadian magazine Chatelaine. This is a moderated forum, so exchanges tend to be somewhat less 'freewheeling' than at Gail's. Heavy Canadian content - at last!

Mimi's Vegetable Patch An expatriot American in glacial northern Quebec has spent a WHOLE lot of time assembling some of the very best links on the there's a recipe of the week and a regular column from San Francisco pastry chef Gregory R. Leon. Check out her home page, too!

Canuck Girl's Home Page Another cyberpal of mine. Links, recipes and more!

Flora's Hideout A fantastic site, formerly a site of the week here! More than just food and drink, Flora's Hideout has sections that will appeal to all - even us starving student types! Plan to spend a while here!

Veggies Unite! Lots of really good vegetarian recipes and links.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen No relation to Mimi's Vegetable Patch, but nevertheless considered to be one of the finest!

And now...a word from our sponsor... (no, not really....just some really great commercial links...)

Help, Mom? Do you have a recipe for...tomato.gif - 4.7 Kshrooms.gif - 2.1 K

Got a million zucchini, and nothing to do with them??? Looking for something new to do with the ubiquitous 'pound of ground round'?? Try some of these great searchable recipe databases and collections....

SOAR: The searchable online archive of recipes This site has it all!!!

Lars' Recipe Links Page "The mother of all food pages"

Amy Gale's Recipe Index One of the most comprehensive recipe databases on the Net today....check out the crockpot section for easy "while you are at work" recipes

And for your sipping enjoyment......lmnade.gif - 2.8 K

Might I suggest this fine tool to aid in your wine selection this evening???? HomeArts: Wine Navigator

Or perhaps a visit to the wine cellar in the lovely gothic Groanangasp Castle would help you to decide?

Ah...the days of and roses.....

Or, better yet... Wine, Women and Song

Wine isn't your cup of tea??? How about that fantastic new product, WaterJoe ...yup...all the caffeine of coffee...without the coffee.....

what's that you say??? you're a beer kinda person??? Pop off the top on a coooooool Miller Lite and grab yerself a bag o' porkrinds!

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And special thanks to.....

Mimi at Mimi's Virtual Garden/The Vegetable Patch ...for tons of help in starting all this....and inspiring me! AND for the nifty new gif files! gotta love them digital cameras! gotta get me one!

All the gang at Gail's Recipe Swap for providing many of these great links.

Thanks to Doug Jacobsen for the great RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart "E-mail-ware...What a concept!

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