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Howdy folks. I am Tulsa Cowboy.

This site is dedicated to chili peppers, and eating good, fiery hot chili con carne (with meat) and other good southwestern and authentic Mexican foods.

My hopes are that I'll help everyone who visits here to get some excellent chili recipes they can try at home, and also gain information regarding the various kinds of peppers they can use in cooking.

Like my name implies, I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. If you'll click on the word Tulsa, you can see how pretty a skyline our downtown has. If that's not appealing enough, take a look at this water color picture done off a photograph, which is a view down the Arkansas River from the south looking north, and I think you'll see why I wanted to show you my city. It's a pretty nice place to live.


Ok now. Are you ready for MY recipe? Awwrighty then. Have a fire extinguisher handy (not really, it isn't that hot...honestly):


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