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Do you have a horrible waitress story to tell? Do you want to have a great meal? Do you want a few cocktails? Its all here. I have links to all the coolest places to go for all your needs. I have a great menu page. Some great drink recipes. And if you are a server, I want to hear all your tales! Or maybe you went out to eat tonight and got the waitress from hell. Let me know. Sign my guestbook and tell me all about it.


E-mail me at if you have a great story to tell me. I love waitress stories! Its fun to compare stories, is'nt it? We should all write a BOOK!!

I am from Illinois. Not far from Chicago, a great city!! My name is Tina and if you can't tell I am a waitress. I am married and have a retired greyhound named Kat.

I work in my garden all summer and do crafty things and play in the kitchen in the winter. I love to create food. I love to taste it too.

Check out my other pages too and learn about the things I like. I have WebTV if you did'nt notice. I have met so many new people over the web who have helped me alot. There is so much you can do on WebTV. Check out the links from here or go to the search engine and type in WebTV.

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I like to cook, I love a great margarita, and then sit down with a good book. I am just learning how to do this so check back later and see if I have had time to learn anything new. This IS hard work!!!

Heres what some people had to say about their job:

Kim from Atlanta said her worst gripe is when large parties come in and ask for seperate checks and then end up either orderinng the same dishes or one person ends up picking up the whole tab!!

Art who live in Hawaii said his gripe is tourists. They want you to tell them all the restaurants and bars to go to, then stiff you. Or come from places that don't know about American tipping customs.

Denise from Oklahoma said on the other side, shes tired of going into fairly nice restaurants and being waited on by servers who don't even know what the specials are or the soup. Then they expect to be tipped 15-20%. She thinks servers should be trained better.

Sally from Illinois said shes tired of going up to tables and greeting the customers and being totally ignored. She says if they don't want to speak to her, why did they go out to eat. She said she cannot read empty heads. (I have to agree with her!!!)

Jennifer from Indiana has regulars that come in every day for lunch and NEVER order what is on the menu. She says they make up their own menu. She wants to know if they are so tired of the same food, why don't they try new places once in a while.

Nichole from New York said she hates when people come in and look at the menu and can't find what they want. She had a lady the other day tell her about a dish she had at a nearby restaurant and could the kitchen make it for her. She wanted to ask the lady, if you had such a taste for that dish, then why did'nt you go THERE???

Jack who is also from New York asked why do people send you back and forth to the bar one at a time. Why can't people just all order at the same time. He said, if people only knew how much it backs a server up. (Not that it would change anything!!)

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Mary wants to know why people leave under 10% sometimes when she give good service and does nothing to deserve a bad tip. (I'd have to say, YOU'LL NEVER GET AN ANSWER TO THAT ONE!!)

Nancy from Illinois is a hostess as well as a waitress. One good question she has is when people walk into the restaurant, why do they walk right past the front desk AND the hostess. Then they turn around like they are lost? They want to be seated but they walk right in like they own the place. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Karen who is a bartender wants to voice her gripe. She is sick of customers that just walk up and use the phone. Hello??? She had to make sure all the phones could only dial out local. Good idea!!

I just got an email from RC. He said he was a cook with 30 years of experience and he said he had some stories to tell. One of his favorites is: The waiter goes to the table to get the order and the customer says" What is your most tender steak?" The waiter replys the filet. So the customer orders the rib-eye. I have to add that in the restaurant that I work in, they sometimes run butt steak on special. I have alot of people ask me which is more tender the filet or the butt? DAHHH

RC's second favorite is "Does the T-Bone have a bone in it?????" RC you keep sending them!!

I want to voice my two favorite gripes. The first is this: When I go to a table and I am taking the order I say "Hello, can I get anyone something to drink while you look over the menu?" Some people gasp and say, "I don't drink, but bring me some coffee. Hello?? Do you DRINK coffee?

My second is when I say ALL nine of our dressings, french, thousand, italian, ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard, garlic, parmasan peppercorn, fat free tomato basil. The customer will then look up at me and say, do you have poppy seed? Did you hear me say poppy seed??? The same with soup. If I say the soup today is cream of chicken, they ask what else do ya got back there?? If there was more than one soup, would'nt I say so?? Oh well.

I heard from Luke who lives in Tempe Arizona. He used to tend bar and he said his worst customers were college students. He said a tipical order was one long neck and three glasses. I understand Luke. I used to work in a mall restaurant and on no school days the kids would flock to us and order one coke for five and an order of fries. NO TIP.

I had some complaints from Val who lives in Pennsylvainia. She wants to know why people ask for their salad dressing on the side but as soon as you bring it, they dump the whole thing right on anyway. I have often wondered this myself.

Val also made a comment about people fighting over the check. She wants to know why customers feel the need to grab the server so they get the check first. Don't touch your servers!!

Rachelle from Los Angeles wrote to me and said what she hates is when a family comes into the restaurant where she works with little kids. Then they make a huge mess all over the floor and the table but only leave a few bucks. She said she has to tip out her bus boy 15% at the end of the night, so it is costing her money to work at that table.

Rachelle also added how some customers like to tour the dining room before "picking their seat." Some people just have to make sure they have the RIGHT table before sitting down.

Doug from New Mexico is not in the restaurant industry, but is a customer. He said when he brings a date to a nice restaurant, sometimes the server is very chatty. He really wants the dinner to be nice and romantic, but the server is very intrusive. He wants to point out the fact that he is not there to visit the server, but to spend money on good service and good food. Good point Doug.

Aurelia from Sarasota Fl. wrote me and said this: I work at a beach hotel`s coffee shop in Florida. We get tourists from all over Europe that stay with us for up to a week. The thing I hate most when they come have breakfast is when they ask me what the weather is going to be like for the day. Then they ask if it`ll be that way for the rest of the week!! Do I look like the weather girl on the local news? I`m a waitress not a weather reporter. Because of their stupid weather questions I have to get up 10 minutes early every morning just to watch the damn Weather Channel! Then they get mad at ME when I tell them the forecast calls for rain for the next few days!

AJ signed my guestbook and this is her gripe. And I just want to say that this is a VERY important one. PAY ATTENTION! I have a gripe to add. I cocktail waitress and I hate it when I get people who grab or put things on my tray without asking me. The tray is balanced and if you grab something off it, it will UNBALANCE. So never never take anything until your waitress hands it to you! Thanks for listening to my gripe! =) No, THANK YOU for sending me this one. I can't beleive we all forgot this one. Its very important not to "help" your server. Thats why you tip her, because she does the work! If you want to "help" your server, TIP huge! Thats my kind of help!

Hi. I am Melissa from Memphis TN. I hate it when customers will fight over the check ie: both customers ask for it and tell you not to give the check to the other person.. who the hell are we supposed to give it to?! This drives me nuts! (Melissa, I hate when they rip it in half!)

Now I heard a great one from Sandy. She used to be a waitress and this is one she said she'll never forget. This man would come in all the time and ask if the "hot" beef sandwich was hot. Hello, why would it be called a HOT beef sandwich if it was cold??? Well, one day he found out how hot it was, when Sandy suddenly slipped and "accidently" spilled the plate of food on his lap. Ouch! I bet he never asked that question again.



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