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Freshly cooked and steaming,there are enough here for a large family


This page is a celebration of a culinary delicacy almost entirely unknown outside the North Stafforshire area of. England. It has been described as a Tunstall tortilla, a potteries poppadom, a clay suzette and even worse 'limp flat and lifeless with claim to neither top nor bottom but instead a mere flip flop of a thing."

Enough is enough. It's time to bring the humble oatcake kicking and screaming into the twentyfirst century with it's very own page.

Hundreds of thousands are made each year, many from closely guarded family secrets and potteries people love 'em. If you want to try one or two you may have to make the journey to the land of the saggar makers bottom knocker (but thats another page, maybe!).

Good question. There are three main reasons:-  
  • They taste great and are made from healthy ingredients.
  • They are not mentioned anywhere else on the WWW (to my knowledge)
  • They are a traditional food of North Staffordshire which is in danger of dying out.

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