Join Shannon's Cookbook Ring


1.Simply fill out and submit the form below with your Recipe site information and you will be added to the queue. Once you are added to the queue you will receive your SITE ID#. You will also receive an email from the Ringmaster. Once you have completed the next few steps you will need to send an email to the RINGMASTER who will review your site and add it ASAP.


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2. Choose from the images above (you need one Shannon's Cookbook logo, and one next site logo) and save a copy to be uploaded to your server. Right click on your mouse and save the first image as sring.gif and the second image as sring1.gif . If you change the file names when you save you'll need to change the code below to reflect the new file name.

3. Copy this Ring Fragment onto the Page that you wish to have the Recipe Ring appear.

<!-- Begin Shannon's Cookbook Ring HTML Fragment -->

<a href="">
sring.gif" ALT="Shannon's Cookbook" WIDTH="172" HEIGHT="111" border="0">
This <a href="">
Shannon's Cookbook Ring</A>
site is owned by <A HREF="mailto:_____">______</A>.
Click for the
[<A HREF="">Previous</A>]
[<A HREF="">Random</A>]
[<A HREF="">Next Site</A>]
[<A HREF="">Skip Next</A>]
[<A HREF="">Next 5</A>]
Click here for info on how to join
<A HREF="">Shannon's Cookbook Ring</A>.
<A HREF="">
sring1.gif" ALT="Next In Shannon's Cookbook" WIDTH="172" HEIGHT="111" border="0"></A>

<!-- End Shannon's Cookbook Ring HTML Fragment -->

4.Replace all of the ____ after ID= with the site ID number you were assigned when you were added to the queue.

5.Replace the ____ in the mailto: with your email address i.e. and enter your name as the site owner, replacing the second ______ i.e. Shannonscbook

6.Save these additions to your page and put it up on your site so that it can be reviewed for addition into the ring

7.That's it ! Simple enough :) If you're having problems adding this fragment to your page, please feel free to email Shannon

If you ever need to edit your site info, you can do it below.

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