About Shannon

Hi!! Well I guess you are here to find out a little bit about me huh? hmmm well lets see........I'm 25 years old and currently going to college. I'm studying for my degree in Computer Science with a minor in Web Page design. I live in Tennessee, which is in the United States for the ones who might not know where that is. The Southern part of the U.S. to be exact :)

Some of my hobbies as you might've guessed, is building homepages, cooking and surfing the Net :) I'm currently single, so I have a lot of time to do that. haha If you are looking for somebody to design some graphics for you or design a web page, then head on over to Shannon's Web Designs. By the way, when you finish here I hope you will stop by my other pages. Like Shannon's Temple Of Knowledge, and Shannon presents: "The Ship Of Dreams"

Well most of you have heard me speak of Gizmo, my Chinese pug. well here he is! In all of his glory. haha Visit "Gizmo's Haven" as well.



Gizmo is 9 years old


And here is a picture of my favorite cat. In my life I've had at least 3 dogs, 60 cats, I always kept the kittens :), 1 bird and a whole bunch of fish. So you might say I love animals :o) but here is Fluffy my favorite cat that was part regular cat and part bobcat. She's gone now :( but I still like to show her picture :)

And before I close, I wanted to share my painting with you :)

Well I guess that is about it for now. I hope that you have enjoyed my cookbook and I hope that you will check back again soon. :o) And don't forget to sign my guestbook and please checkout my other pages as well. bye bye!!!