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Hi, I'm the Hungry White Guy

This web site is world wide. Yet, it's concentrated pretty much on central West Virginia. I love to eat at restraunts. In fact, I do it alot. Pooh (my ol' lady), and I make kind of like a Siskel and Ebert team.

She: A former restraunt manager, continuing education courses in food sanitation and management. Eats to live.

He: Well, a hungry white guy who loves good food at a good price and good service.

Warning! Do not invite the Hungry White Guy to visit your restraunt if it is a dump, a dive, or a hole. It will come back and haunt you on my web page.

Unbelievable Stories

Places I have eaten:

April 13th, 1999

The Char House
South Ridge Center, South Charleston

I lost a bet with my buddy over whether the person at the door at Sam's Club in the same strip mall was a chic or not. I was wrong, I lost, it was a dude.

I had the T bone medium with a tater. Went to the food bar, and had a small salad and battered shrimp with my steak. Couldn't find any Old Bay. Everything was good. Until I pulled the batter off of a shrimp and saw the vein was still in the shrimp. UGH! YUCK! For ya'll that don't know what that means, that's the intestine full of crap up the back. I told the manager and he said, "So what?" I said, I was raised on the Chesapeake Bay, and never had to eat shrimp crap at a restraunt before. I told the manager to give me a raincheck 'cause I didn't get to eat my steak.


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April 17th, 1999

Big Chimney

Ordered a Famous Star Burger. Got something different. Decided it might be alright. But got an almost raw burger instead. UGH! I sent it back. Next day got the trots for about 8 hours. OUCH! Called and complained to the manager and he thanked me for the information. There was lots wrong with that restruant. But that's too long of a story. I said, "What about my meal?" He said, "Sorry, sometimes that happens." And thanked me again. The next day on Monday morning I called the district manager. We'll just call him Roy. I said, "Roy, how about that burger?" Roy said, "How about two? We want your business." I said, "Hey, thanks!" I think Roy is a good guy.

I think this was an isolated incident and would not hesitate to stop there again. As I said there were other things wrong but I think Roy has corrected those problems. Thanks Roy.

April 20th, 2002, UPDATE

Big Chimney

a simple matter of me finding the right person to hand me my food turned into the manager calling the police to throw me out......wow, what a big mistake I made.....

My food was ready and getting cold sitting just a few feet away and I couldn't get the Hardee's chic to give it to me, seemed to be some confusion.

I waited for the register girl to finnish with the man she was talking to and ask her if she could check to see if this was in fact my order. She sez to me " I AM ONLY ONE PERSON AND THAT IS NOT MY JOB''

I sez to her " Sorry, I just would like to have my food before it gets cold " By this time other workers join in and they get loud and I said "if you can't give me my food then maybe you can give me a refund" Once I said that , they jumped all over that and told me that they could not even talk to me anymore, I would have to work it out with the manager........so fine , get the manager.

I attempted to explain the situation to the manager but was interupted by the workers telling their side of the story......? confused by this I told them to just turn around and do something and that I was wanting to talk to the manager only ,since it was against policy for them to talk to me...as they said it was.

FUNNY PART : the little register girl starts yelling at me " You ain't my Daddy and you can't tell me what to do", anyway it gets loud in there and the Manager refunds my money and tells me she is calling the cops on me................................

confused and waiting by the door for my family ( already seated ) to join me in leaving, I hear all the talk about how it would be if I opened my mouth again and what would happen if I ever came in there again ( they must have thought I had left already ) I told them that they should waite untill I leave to run their mouths like that ......then I left and realized they shorted me 3 dollars but oh,well it might be too late since the girl never gave me a reciept in the first place.

I wondered on the way home if that little girl has a lot of men claiming to be her Daddy by the way she kept telling me I was not.......

April 21st, 1999

The Char House
South Ridge Center, South Charleston

Had a coupon. Just had the buffet bar and an iced tea. The tea tasted like it was made in a dirty coffee pot. But the food was pretty fresh tasting. I just asked the waitress if I could have coke instead. I'd say the over all experience was better than average. (Nothing great, but nothing bad at all). Pooh's food was good too. PS - I checked the shrimp and it was deveined. HOORAY! Still no Old Bay though.

April 23rd, 1999

Murphy's Coffee Shop
Downtown Charleston

Had the special. Ironically, it was on a blue plate. It was a taco salad. It tasted good and filled me up. But it seemed to leave me wanting something for the five bucks. Maybe if they threw in a coke it would be a good deal.

Note: With small places like this, always be sure what you order was made fresh. Stale food is not good.

April 24th, 1999

A Taste of Italy
Winfield exit, Rt. 64, Liberty Square Shopping Center by Big Lots

Mamma Mia! Real Italian! Good fresh food cooked to order! Well worth the trip. Italian music, Italian decor. The guy that waited on me spoke very little English but we both spoke the language of food. Can't get smells like this in Italian fast food places.

April 26th, 1999

Blue Parrot
Capitol Street, Charleston

Had it delivered in under 20 minutes. Had my favorite, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. For $3.95, it's a good lunch deal on a great sandwich. I recommend it to anyone who likes spicy wings. The only bad thing was that I didn't get to visit my friends at the Blue Parrot in person.

Note: Remember to always tip the delivery guy.

April 28th, 1999

Capitol Street, Charleston

I had the lunch buffet to go. Lots of fresh delicious food. Don't know what it all was. But it was good. A great addition to the downtown menu, a good value. All you can eat for only $5.25. WOW! Just right for the Hungry White Guy. They open at 11:30 a.m. Oh, nice clean place too. I'd take my momma there. Don't worry about whether or not the kitchen is dirty it's all brand new. I saw them deliver the stuff myself.

April 28th, 1999

Pooh's Kitchen
My House

When I got home from work there was made from scratch beef stew waiting for me. Big chunks of tender meat and big chunks of vegetables cooked just right in a thick broth. She put it in my favorite Campbell's Soup mug and served it up hot and steaming on the kitchen table along with a tall cold glass of milk. Of all the restraunts that I have the pleasure of eating at, home is always best.

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