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The book is closed, the year is done
The pages full of tasks begun
A little joy, a little care
Along with dreams are written there
This new day brings another year
Renewing hope, dispelling fear
And we may find before the end
A deep content, another friend

Welcome to my Simple Pleasures Homepage.   May you enjoy your visit and the selections of images, music, recipes and other features to be found here.   I enjoy these simple pleasures and sincerely hope you do as well.

Your Host,

Randy Curtis

Iola Award


Thank you for nominating your pages for the Iola Award. I visited your sites and both certainly meet the criteria for the award. I enjoyed your photographs, poetry, and intend to try some of your delicious sounding recipes. Your pages have captured the feeling of peacefulness and enjoyment of one living "the good life". Attached is the graphic for the Iola Award for you to display on your website. Your receipt of this e-mail gives you express permission to display the provided award graphic on your website. Once again, congratulations, and thanks for your participation.

Iola Fleischer

Napa Vintage Hi Randy!!
Your GeoCities Homepage at NapaValley/2712 was nominated by your Community Leader for the Napa Valley Vintage Award. After reviewing your site, the Napa Awards Committee is happy to present you with the Napa Valley Vintage Award! Winning the Vintage entitles you to display the Award graphic on your page, to have your site listed in the next Napa Newsletter and in our Winners Archive.

Congratulations and keep up the great work!


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