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Hi, Welcome to the Tapperahl Online (formerly E & J West Coast) Restaurant Review.

This site is currently undergoing a few changes.

Tapperahl was founded in 1996 by two friends who ate out a lot, but found that the local reviewers were possibly influenced by the fact that they were professional reviewers.

Typically, we would go to a restaurant and order something that was not part of the stellar review, because, after all, why should everyone have to eat what the reviewer ate?

Currently, the site consists of approximately 50 restaurant reviews, mostly filed in 1996 and 1997, and mostly in the Sacramento area. Some of the restaurants have undergone name changes, ownership changes, or no longer exist at that or any location. These changes will be completely edited in the next few weeks.

Our next project is to create a more dynamic site, where more people can participate. Our original site only had two reviewers, "E" & "J" (and occasionally a guest or two), and they typically ate out together. We now have 5 reviewers, in both Northern & Southern California, who also travel occasionally out of state.

Our reviewers are not distinguished in the usual way, as in 'they are respected epicures,' or 'they have published numerous books on food;' but rather all 5 have excellent self-training in gourmet cooking, have few food dislikes, and know what to expect in the ideal dining experience.

Our reviewers will make the initial review of a restaurant, and then the review will be open to "subreviews." In this way, we can avoid gratuitous build-up or -down of the reviewed restaurants. Additionally, every review will be edited for grammar (but not length or content), and subreviews may be edited for grammar and expletives.

The review form is NOW available for online submission.

Keep checking back for details and updates.


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