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Hello to all fellow exponents of the culinary art! Vicky, Kari, Anthony, Heike and Joan would like to welcome you to their delights of the flat 3/8/1 cuisine. We are a group of five flatmates (originally six, but Stuart defected to another flat) at a university which shall remain unnamed, all of us keen cooks. Over the course of the Autumn semester 1996, we have had several communal meals, including the odd dinner party. We had been thinking of just copying out each other's recipes, but then decided we may as well put them all up on the net (a recent discovery of ours) for all to see. Each of us is also adding recipes which we like as we go along, so come back occasionally and see what's new!

We've recently passed the 10 thousand visitor mark, so to celebrate, we're being ever-so-slightly egotistical: see the reviews page for details.

- Chilled Apple and Avocado Soup*
- Puff Pastry Pockets*
- Schöberl soup

Main courses:
- Shepherd's Pie
- Chilli con carne
- Lasagne*
- Ham Chowder
- Mushroom and Bacon Risotto
- Toad in the Hole
- Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
- Turkey Burgers
- Fish Pie
- Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni with Cheese or Tomato Sauce*
- Knödel (dumplings) with Mushroom Sauce*
- Vegetarian burgers*
- Spanish Omelette*

- Ratatouille*
- Roast Parsnip*

- Summer Fruit Pudding*
- Banoffee Pie*
- Apfelstrudel*
- Sachertorte* (not advisable if you're on a diet!)

- Anthony's Baileys Breakfast*

Dishes marked with an asterisk are either vegetarian or can be made without meat.

Links to our personal home pages

Anthony's Home Page - Anthony is an amateur composer and would-be novelist. Has an undeserved reputation for procuring various articles for the purpose of flat decoration.
Vicky's Home Page - otherwise known as Quennie, Victoria is the flat's Spanish expert. Also known for indulging in the odd glass of Bailey's.
The sooner the others get home pages of their own, the sooner we can write derogatory comments about them!

cooks have, thus far, failed to spoil the broth ...

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