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Hello! My name is Vicky. I'm from Ukraine, it's a country in Eastern Europe. I'm fond of cooking, I think I can call myself a gourmand, and one day I told myself "Vicky why don't you have a website, a sort of virtual kitchen and just tell everyone in the world about the recipes you like." So here you are. It's my virtual kitchen. Actually, at first it has been only an idea of gathering my favorite recipes, but I thought of more and decided to make a website about my country's national cuisine. Of course, here you can find my favorite recipes, too. And also, some info about me :-) and my country. And a bookstore, if you want more of Ukrainian recipes, or if you're just fond of cooking as much as I am, and are longing for a new cookery book.

Phew, that was some speech! Now welcome to Vicky's Virtual Ukranian Kitchen, enjoy yourselves. Have a nice day!

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This site is updated weekly, usually on weekends. So be sure to check it next week, to see further updates, recipes etc. You're always welcome!

Last Updated August, 23, 1998

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