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The Baking Bear (Desserts)

This Cookbook, my first, is definitely not for those who count calories all the time, but for those, who like myself, likes to let go and live it up every once in a while. You and I both know, that "Fat Free" will sometimes leave you feeling a little unsatisfied.

I have filled this cookbook with 40 (forty) of my favorite cake, pie and cookie recipes my family and friends have enjoyed for years. Some of the recipes are originals of mine and all of them are easy to follow.

Some of the recipes included are:

Applesauce Cake
Concord Wine Cake
Lemon-Lemon Pound Cake
Orange Layer Cake
Banana Nut Cookies
Pineapple Walnut Carrot Cookies

The Baking Bear (Real Food)

This Cookbook, my second, is dedicated to the cook who's not afraid to try something old and make it new again. Many of the recipes were handed down to me, with lots of "Dashes of this" and "Pinches of that", of which I have tried to convert to standard measurements.

Cooking can be a pleasure and a joy, especially when others enjoy your creations. Don't be afraid to fail. Practice does not make one perfect, but it can give you the confidence to do what you do better than anyone else.

Some of the recipes included are:

Party Cheese Ball
Macaroni And Cheese
Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup (kettle style)
Buttermilk Biscuits
Spiced Peach Salad
Fresh Collard Greens
'Old' Country Cabbage Rolls

Some Sample Recipes Just For You

Applesauce Cake
Sweet Potato Pie
Pineapple walnut Carrot Cookies

South Sea Crab Delight
Chicken Stew
Old Country Cabbage Rolls

Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free!

With each cookbook you purchase, I will send you a miniature bear that is absolutely adorable.

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