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on Canada including British Columbia where I live.

I love canning and pickling and  preserving foods.

My  favorite  Recipes,

I enjoy working on genealogy

I have a collection of amusing Anecdotes

I like to go to Bingo

I did some reading on herbs and discovered how they are so good for us.

 Go here if you like to read very short

Sad Stories

Here you will find a page on  holidays of the year. 

Looming patterns and other crafts.

This is Curtis my Grandson. He was  very good on the skate board.

Here is Curtis again.

Congratulations Curtis on being a 2007 Graduate from Woodlands School..


This is my Granddaughter Bonnie taken a little while ago.

She won honorable mention in grade 11 and in grade 12 she was on the honor roll. Here she is just before her prom. Congratulations Bonnie. for being a 2003 graduate in Nanaimo.

Bonnie has a home page with lots of family photos

My  granddaughter Jennifer below, Congratulations Jen for being a 2002 graduate in Vernon.  

Thank you Jen for our first Great Grand child Johnathon Blake, born October 11, 2005 Johnathon's Grandfather beside him taken in 1963

My friend Kathy has an interesting home page

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