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FOOD, Glorious Food

Malaysian love food and we have such a range!
Typical Malaysian Chinese Stalls' Cooked Food  (only in Malaysia, do you find these.)
(If you are not Malaysian, click here for information on these delicious food.

Mamak Food
("mamak" is a term used in Malaysia for Indian Muslims, to distingush them from Indians who are Hindus or Christians).    If you are wondering why everyone in Malaysia is flocking to the "MAMAK" stall, information quite well-researched and presented here :-
The Mamak Experience by Audrey Lim

Malaysian Food  (kuih, laksa, char koay teow, etc)
Thanks for visiting this site. I have just found some great sites on Malaysian Food:-
www.malaysiafood.net - This has to be the authoritative guide to Malaysian Food. It details the history, ingredients and preparation of the food that is typical of Malaysia.  Highly recommended.
www.waisikkai.com -  This is a good site done by a Malaysian on Malaysian Street Food. Good for an understanding of the qualities in good quality Malaysian Street Food. Wai Sik Kai means Glutton Street in Cantonese. It might not have all the best places listed for the food but close.
www.oocities.com/Tokyo/Market/7773/malaysia.html -  This is done by a private individual - Quite good.
The Star Food Guide - is also an excellent guide to Malaysian Hawker Food.
Gourmet Emporium in The Pavilion Kuala LumpurArticle in Star,  - Latest Very Exclusive Food Court in KL Said to be equal to Siam Paragon.

Tai Chi
- Collection of sites on Dr Cheng Man-Chi'ng's style
- Collection of sites on Qigong
re - links
re - link
Coins - collectors items (but slow to load images).
- this is the bloom once flower and only at night
Chinese Translation program
s - selected and proven chinese character transaltion programs available from third parties online. (May 2007)
Free Programs for Downloa
d links - reliable and proven softwares.
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