Coca-ColaŽ Memorabilia Page.

The imfamous Coke Polar Bear

Here on this site is the Unofficial page of Coke Collectors items etc. Also here, there is a trading post of the collector cards. Each set will be listed, the amount in each set, the inserts also from each set. Many other collectors items which will be included are, many types of bottles, cans, the transformation of bottles and can, designs, ads, marketing strategies and a Historical page.

Also a bit of an info page.

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Now, what we have here is the page of Coca-Cola's history. An overview of the beginning of time where Coke was originally brought to be produced. And how is is going ALL around the world.


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Anyone has there own memorabilia and trading cards they use for there own set, or have what i need, e-mail me at: or sign the Guest Book above and we can talk, trade and inform each other.

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