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Hi! My name is Maggie and I live in a small
town north of Montreal in Canada.

Two years ago when we got a computer I started to make
a webpage; within a month of our purchase, this page
was the result of that endeavor. I learned how to make
computer graphics for web pages and have offered many
background sets for personal use on the net for free.
I have learned alot about html although there seems to
always be so much more to learn.

I got very excited trying to give my pages
a certain look. Except for a few minute exceptions,
I have done all the graphics and titles myself.
I hope to redo this page in the near future, I have
changed alot in the last two years and I think my
page should reflect that soon this page will
have a new look... just not sure what yet!!

My mom was a great cook and probably the kindest
person you could ever meet.We lost her to cancer
17 years ago but I always hold her dear to me
in my heart.
The best things she gave me was a love for good food,
cooked with lots of love, a good eye for design
and detail, her talents as an artist, and compassion
for people.

Here are examples of some of the paintings that I do.
I hope you like them.

THE SECRET (oil 18 x 24)

The Secret

THE ROSE GARDEN (oil 16 x 20)

The Rose Garden

CALLA LILY (watercolor 114 x 18)

Calla Lily
I am also adding a link here to a page where I offer
tutorials on doing graphics with PSP.
Want to learn??? Come along :

I also do a web page for the Society for Lyrical arts
in our region... It is jam-packed full of pictures of
musical theatre, behind the scene blooper for
all of you out there that like singing and theatre...I
invite you to come by because I promise you won't be disappointed."

Please take a few moments and wander through my home.
It isn't finished yet, and I intend to always work
on and change it just as I do my own home. Sometimes
it may be a bit messy, but you are very welcome
to enter anytime!

I am so proud to be the winner of this prestigious award.
July 12, 1998
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