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Red Racer Pale Ale
Central City Brewing, B.C.
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BCCA Fred Chambers - from PA, great trader
WildRose Chapter Neil MacDonald - from Ontario
Beer Advocate - I am BigBry Matt Mansfield - Nova Scotia
Beer Pal
Jose, from Puerto Rico
Places I have visited in 2009:
Links to Favorite Local Beer Locations:
Trader Joe's, San Jose
Wild Rose - Micro Brewery, Love the Imperial IPA !
Gordon Biersch, San Jose
Brewster's, 11th Avenue - Good Seasonal -                                  Big Bulge Saison
Sip, Fine Wine and Spirits, Denver
Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver
Bottlescrew Bill's - hosting Calgary Beerfest, Feb. 28.  See you there.
Jilly's Piano Bar, Chicago
The Tavern on Rush, Chicago
Big Rock - pretty good tour and tasting
The Lodge, Chicago
The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Nashville
Anyone else collect coasters or beer glasses??   How about a trade, my locals for yours!
Last Updated February 7, 2009