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Hi, and welcome to my homepage. My name is Clif and I live in "The Land of Enchantment", Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I work for S.E.D. Medical Labs as a computer operator of their HP3000 system and enjoy country music. Many of my free hours used to be spent as a chat host in the country chat on MSN, until they did away with sponsored sites.  I like to think that I can maybe write a song or two and play the guitar and I use photography as a way to relax.

On my country page I have provided links to several on-line radio stations  take you to their homepage where you can listen on-line. You will also find links to homepages of a few of my favorite artists and for more information on New Mexico follow the link to nmsource.com.   If you enjoy my page, you also may like to visit some of my friends homepages and a few interesting sites I have found.

On my photo page, I have tried to show you some pictures of the area and where I work. I have given each photo a song title just to be different.

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Country Music

Photos of local area

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