Fifteen year-old Brittany Rae has been dreaming of becoming a singer since she was a little girl. "I grew up with country and bluegrass music. My dad has been a serious musician since he was in college, and he played that type of music constantly. I used to love Amy Grant, and I'd dance and sing to her music constantly. It all started when I was about 4 years old," says Brittany, "I also loved the Little Mermaid, and I was singing to the music in the back of my mom's car one day. That was when she realized that I had talent. Although, it wasn't until I was eight years old when I got up onstage for the first time."

Brittany loved pop and Christian music growing up, but at twelve, her parents took her to see LeAnn Rimes in concert.  She didn't care for LeAnn's music at the time, and she was really not looking forward to going. "I can remember driving to the fair. My dad was playing LeAnn Rimes 'Blue' CD, and I remember making him turn it off. I think I was really jealous of her."  At the concert, Brittany was so amazed. She had realized that LeAnn had some amazing talent, and decided to enjoy the concert. She even got to shake LeAnn's hand. "We were in the second row, and during the last song I went up to the stage and shook her hand. My words were, 'LeAnn, I love you!' I think that is the most memorable concert I have ever been to."  From then on out, Brittany loved country and bluegrass music, and realized her dream.

"It's so hard to believe that it's been well over four years since that concert. It seems like it was yesterday, but then again it seems like it was forever and a day ago. I'm happy to be at the point I am at right now music-wise."

After about a year of being introduced to country music, Brittany found a love in a new singer, Martina McBride.  "My dad won tickets off the radio to see her in concert. He won them about an hour and a half before the show started that night. Our seats weren't very good, but with binoculars we could see Martina perfectly. I loved the concert, and since then she's been my favorite singer."

After years of vocal lessons and a voice maturing, Brittany's vocals are now compared with those of Martina McBride. "I love to sing Martina in my shows. It's the music I'm the most comfortable with. She does a lot of songs in the key of D. That's the key I am most comfortable in, so our style of music is so much alike. I like to be compared with her, but I also like to have my own sound."

Brittany hopes to have a record deal in the next couple of years, and with hard work she knows that will pay off. With a voice like that, the future is looking nothing but bright.

-Amy Steward