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Last Updated: December 12, 2001

Tina C Steele

Tina is a 35 year old Mom of 3 boys, Brandon age 18 Brian 15 yrs old and Brodi 7 yrs old, and still manages to give her most to the field of Country Music. Like she says "I LOVE singing country music"And this lady does a very good job of it. Tina has been singing country music since she was 3 yrs old. She has performed at the Nashville Palace in Nashville, Tennessee,and at the Opry Land Hotel. She was the Spotlight Artist on Eddie Bear's ETC Country Music Show and on Radio Station KMKS 102.5, Bay City Texas where you can listen to Tina, as they have been playing her song's. Tina has been singing at the Walmart Store in her hometown for the last 3 yrs. She also has cut a tape in Nashville on music row the songs are "MORE THAN A MEMORY" and "HERE WITH YOU". I would like to thank the person that has made this page happen....Gary Cox. if you get a chance check out his page.

I'd like to take this time and say a few words about a very special man in my life.. my Dad .. as of February 25, 2000 he retired from
after almost 35 years... I want to Thank him for all the love and support he has given me .. and wish him a very happy and healthy retirement.... Love you.. Tina, Brandon, Brain & Brodi.

"More Than A Memory" & "Here With You"
Produced in Nashville by Steven K. Brown
for SKB Nashville Productions
Recorded at the Tracking Station, Music Row

A Special Thank You goes out to the Band for making it possible
Guitar & Session Leader : Kerry Marx
Bass : Mike Chapman
Drums : Brian Barnett
Piano : Bob Patin
Steel : Pat Severs
Fiddle : Aubrey Haynie

The other songs were recorded in Indiana

Any man of mine

The fool

Here with you

How do I live

If your not in it for love

More than a memory

Never again, again

Phones are ringing

Shutup and drive

Strawberry wine

Unchained Melody

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