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Barbara MandrellBarbara Ann Mandrell, born December 25th in Houston, TX is the eldest of the Mandrell Sisters and the more familiar. Texas can claim her as a native, but Southern California is where she spent her childhood and her teenage years. Residing in areas such as Lancaster, El Monte and Oceanside. In her sophmore year of high school Barbara was crowned Miss Oceanside, CA.

Barbara started her long illustrious musical career at the age of 11 on a stage in Las Vegas. A cherished memory that she did mention in her later Las Vegas performances. It goes without saying that Barbara Mandrell is talented, she can play the saxophone, dobro, steel guitar, harmonica, mandolin, accordian, Banjo and piano with ease. When you go see a Barbara Mandrell concert, you don't just see a country music singer, you are in the presence of a top-notch entertainer. She is the very best at what she does and it is prevalent in her stage charm. In her show she does her standards, mixes in some soulful blues, some getup and hiphop rap followed by emotion packed gospel. When Barbara sings gospel she puts her whole heart into it, no matter what your religious beliefs are, she will touch your soul. To purchase a copy of Barb's Gospel album, "Precious Memories" call 1-800-618-9889.

Barbara's greatness in music isn't fiction made up by the writer of this page. She is the first person ever to be named Entertainer of the Year two consecutive years by the CMA; not to mention the two Grammys, nine People Choice Awards and seven American Music Awards she has been granted. The award list goes on. Side note-Her fan club was host to over tens of thousands of members.

If you didn't get around to seeing the live show, Barbara's last album out was on the Razor & Tie Label called "It Works for Me". This is some of her best work yet. Her voice is powerful and definitely has the Mandrell style lacking on earlier cds.

For other/earlier material and to purchase on line go to Music Blvd. They have a lot of Barb CDs!

On a personal note: I have seen this woman perform many times over the years and I am still amazed at how much talent is wrapped up into that 5'2" 100lb petite body. She can dance, she can sing, she can play every instrument in the band, she is a beautiful woman, if all that isn't enough she has 9 handsome men in her band called the Do-Rites. ( the name"Do-Rites" comes from the hit single she had in the 70's," Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.") I highly recommend seeing Barbara perform live. I'd bet money that you would be entertained.

CBS filmed Barbara's life story and it aired SEPTEMBER 28th, 1997. (See Reviews Page.) Barbara and her husband, Ken Dudney, were executive producers on the project, meaning the story stayed true to the facts.

While Barbara was in L.A. working on her life story she put in some time acting on NBCs soap Sunset Beach. She played Alex Mitchum, a photojournalist afflicted with cancer. It was quite impressive, she had some emotional scenes and was very able to express the feelings realistically. The role concluded in January 1998.

Barbara married Ken Dudney in May of 1967 and they have 3 children; Matthew, Jaime Nicole, and Nathan. Currently Jaime Nicole has a role on the soap opera, As the World Turns which starts airing July 5th. Matthew is a chef in the Tennessee based restuarant Magnolias, which is partly owned by Barbara and Ken. Nathan the youngest is still in school.

The impact this lady has had on the public stretches further than her voice, in the 80's she was the Kinney shoe person. Remember those life size cutouts of Barbara that were hotter than the shoes? After the shoes, she moved onto Milliken Fabrics-"The Visa label, Made in America". Remember now?, then she went onto SunSweet Prunes. Recently, she has unleashed her own line of jewerly called Barbara Mandrell Sentiments, which can only be found on QVC. The jewerly is designed by Barbara and each piece has some type of sentiment connected to it. It is quite exquisite and the cost is affordable. Check it out. Guys; Your wife/ girlfriend would love it. Hint hint.

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On September 10, 1997, Barbara made a surprising announcement concerning her musical career. See the "Headlines Page".The announcement is very reminiscent of a song she recorded in 1985 titled "If they grow tired of my music." The fans never grew tired of her music, the marketing fell short on advertising, distribution and radio liasons.

The thing that makes Barbara more than an entertainer is her professional and personal integrity. She has morals and ethics and is never embarrassed to stand behind her beliefs. This makes her all the more important to society as a role model and opinion leader. If there was an ideal citizen to follow Ms. Mandrell would be such. I wish only the best to Barbara and her family.


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