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Welcome to my page. In here you can browse and download various midis,wavs of some of my favorite country songs. First let me tell you about myself....My name is Jim, I live on the largest

I am 30 something,and I enjoy the finer things in life. eg...A tab at my favorite bar,country music,women,More tabs,women,movies. And did I say women? Do you feel

Well...DO YA PUNK? Try your luck w/my lottery machine (If you win we split it right?) Do you like GAMES? Visit My

Wanna see some of my favorite

Check out my Photo albulm...If you are wondering how much time is left before the Year 2000... Check out my

OK folks....Here is the part of my page where I have to give

This is my mentor Phil's page.He has helped me and has done alot of work with me to get this page looking as good as it does! He is the HTML King! So I CANNOT take ALL the credit!! So while you are here take the time to sign my guestbook and say hello to Phil as well.And visit his page.It's worth it!
If you like to see some other great pages come on in and meet some of my

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