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Hi there.My name is Oleta welcome
to my place on the web.

Thank you for coming by here come on in. Pull up
a chair & make yourself at home. But you know how we Texan's are.

We always have a extra cup of coffee going for our friends/
And we always love to visit with friends.

Just grab your coffee and a seat and we will get acquainted.

Do you or someone you love have cancer or have had cancer? If so we have set up a new site Hopefully it will help you in some way.It could be links you need or a kind word from someone else who knows how it feels.If so please check out the link at this site.

Thank you to my students for voting me Instructor of the week.
for Feb 18 2000

In memory Of my Husband

My Awards Page

For a Brother

Deck of cards

God are you real

God are you real

Happy Mothers day to all moms

The Nashville Chapel

A Fathers Love

My Community leader help page

My midi Page

My Web rings page

My Ham radio page

My Chapel of Prayer

Angels designs

N4KI's CQ East Texas

If you are interested in studing for your ham radio license
this is a great practice link.

Click here

How about the old favorite "The Farmers almanac"?

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