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The Kid That Didn't Appear To Have A Chance. By: Rich Brady

I was born in Columbus, Ohio at OSU Hospital, 3 Months early on February 3, 1978, but I almost died. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and spent 3 Months in the same hospital. (I don't remember this, my mom told me about it.) I returned to Lancaster in April of that same year, and was warmly recieved by family and friends. My family and I would stay in the apartment that we lived in 'til I was 2 Years Old, then we moved in with my aunt and uncle in a little town just Northeast of Lancaster, called Pleasantville. After movin' one more time, my family found a nice apartment back in Lancaster. That's where I spent 5 Years, then we found the house that I live in now, in Lancaster. I had to go to a school that had mean kids, even some teachers hated me. I got tripped, pushed around, and made fun of. This went on up 'til my Junior Year in school, by that time things were a lot worse. I had one more year left, and boy, I couldn't wait to leave that place behind. I did just that. I graduated with the class of '97 (You can tell that I'm happy to be out of there!)!!! I am now 21 Years Old. I still live in Lancaster, Ohio. I write songs, play the guitar, and sing. I plan to take a shot in Country Music in a few years. I have 2 brothers, one is married and has two kids, he's 23. The other is also 23 (No, they aren't twins. Everyone asks if they are.) and is in the Army stationed in Italy. I haven't seen him for nearly 3 Years, and I miss him. I also have a Sister, she's 22 and married with no kids (Well, they have a dog that they sometimes call their kid, he's a boxer). That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

I wanna go Home.

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Created By Rich Brady, 1997 '98 & '99