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Notice the frames in the background symbolizing his new album 'Outside The Frame'. This picture was taken after he took his top shirt off. The crowd went crazy after he did that.

Paul Brandt doesn't seem to be gettin' the radio play that he deserves. Although "Yeah!" gets played on my radio station a lot (And that's great!), there are other stations in the Central Ohio area (And everywhere else), that only play him every once in a while, and they don't seem to play songs from 'Outside The Frame'. I wanna get Paul the major airplay he deserves, and I need your help! What I need you to do is, go to my radio stations link page, and click on every station link that you see and bring up the page for that station. Look for an E-Mail address, 800 number (Or the local number if it is your local station), and request Paul Brandt! This can't be done without your help! Please help me help Paul! I'm sure that Paul will appreciate it, and so will, you, his fans 'cause you'll here him more! I Thank you, and Paul thanks you!

"The truth be known, I'm not really sad about this girl, who I'm supposed to be in love with, leaving. I'm really sad that she's leaving in that great sports car." (Speaking about that broken-hearted look in his video "What's Come Over You")

Thanx to Josie Nobel, Webmaster of the Paul Brandt Fan Page (The link is on my Country Singer's pages Links.) for lettin' me use this quote and the photo.

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