Cruisin Music Row with Jeannie J
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How about a new look for the new fall season?
Everyone who knows Jeannie J, knows that she stays right
on top of things. She would never go into fall wearing
summer fashions so we had to update the website too.

For all of you who are subscribers of the Nashville Newsletter,
welcome, we are glad that you found us. We hope you enjoy this
as much as you do the newsletter. And we hope to make this
an extension of the newsletter so that we can keep you better
informed and entertained.

For those of you who are not subscribers yet, you don't know
what you are missing. Jeannie J and her trusty sidekick Thor
are always on the move. They make all the parties and events
so that they can keep you up-to-date with what is happening
in Music City. From the CMA's to the annual hot dog lunch
on Music Row, Jeannie J and Thor are there to keep you
informed. For who's who and the who's with whom...
Just ask Jeannie!

And what about Thor! Thor has become somewhat of a
celebrity on his own. Now he feels like he needs his own
'Home on the web.' He had such a great response to his
recent Trivia Contest, that we tend to think he is right!
So watch out for Thor's new page coming soon!

One thing we want to do is have a page devoted to our
friends. If you are a subscriber to the newsletter, send us
an e-mail and attach a photo so that we can put you on
our page. Even if you are not a member yet, go ahead
and send us an e-mail and photo. We like to make new
friends too. And if you have a homepage, make sure
and send us the URL so that we can link to you.
- Send your photo and information now. -

Let us know what you want to see on this site.
We'll do our best to get it online.
- Web site feedback -

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