Darlene McCoy
Cheetarah (in Powwow)
Hello, My name is Darlene McCoy. I'm an entertainer/singer who enjoys singing and putting my God given talent to use by donating my time or talent to make someone's life more enjoyable. A couple of years ago I worked on a very special CD. The Proceeds of this CD went to A very Special Young Man "Seth" and the Special School he attends "Prospect School, Queensbury, NY" Through the sales of the CD (which I'm sorry to say are gone)we were able to raise enough money that Seth's mother was able to buy him something special. His mother & her church put up a beautiful wooden swingset/playground, that would allow Seth to swing in his wheelchair and be able to play with the rest of the church's youth. The other half of the money went to the Prospect School. I saw the transformation of what Music did for Seth, and that Touched my heart more than anyone will ever know.

Very Special Writing piece someone emailed me, please take the time to read it and maybe it will touch your heart also and you will find it in your heart to help make someone's life a little brighter today.

BIO & a little history

If you want to see some great pages of great friends and family of mine, well just click on the cool links picture. You'll see alot of my PowWow friends in there. I love them all and know you will too :)

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