I come from a very long line of Musicians...  My Father, My Grandfather, and My GreatGrandfather, and I am sure many before them, Have all been very musical.  In Fact all of my Family either Plays Music or Sings.  In this Page, I would like to give you some history of my Family and thier singing and Song Writing.

The Fincher Four

My family played music for years in Bars, clubs, and rodeo dances. We had a ball!!! Country music has inspired me all of my life.  My Father, who plays Bass, Lead, and Steel Guitar. (His favorite song was always and still is..."High Cost of Living")

High Cost of Living

The landlord want his money
The grocery Bill is due
My pocket book is always flat
And boy Iím tellin you

My clothes are gettin ragged
My shoes are gettin thin
Just lend an ear and you will hear
This awful fix Iím in.

itís that high, high, high, cost of livin
Oh tell me what a workin man can do
itís that high, high, high, cost of livin
Iím in the red and feelin mighty blue

My little wife she told me
Just the other day
Throw out your chest and tell the rest
That Juniorís on the way

But since we canít postpone the stork
A helpin hand weíll need
Oh tell me how I can afford
Another mouth to feed.


Thereís no T-bone steaks at our house
No more chocolate pie
We canít afford those luxuries
Cause prices are too high.
I use to drive a cadillac
Until the other day
I had to swap the darn thing off
and get a Model A

I felt that I should delete my Midi files and Lyrics files.....  There is so much talk of Copyright infringements, that I didn't want to get myself in trouble...  If you are looking for something special contact me... I probley have it.

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This was the Fincher Four's Closing Instrumental

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