The One I Love

I knew and I hoped that you'd come along,
I wished and I prayed and I had to be strong.
There are powers that be, if only we listen,
When I saw you, I knew what I was missin'.

After all these long and frustrating years,
I'll be from Hoy, if you see any tears.
With you around I feel so inspired,
As far as I'm concerened, Youre hired!

Now is the moment, I just kinda know,
To enjoy our spring watching the flowers grow.
Let me express in this heart felt rhyme,
That I thank god for you, It's about time.

What I'm saying, I'm sure you can see,
This is the way it ought to be.
Our times too short for confusion and strife,
I'm closer to heaven with you in my life.

I'll be your angel and you be mine,
We found the right path and we'll be fine.

Written by:  Trudy Kalmbach  1994


As I sit here at night,
I see your face in my thoughts
Your eyes are a thousand twinkling stars high above

Your lips are the caress of a gentle spring breeze
When I walk on the grass wet with dew,
I am reminded of your beauty in you.

Surpassed only by your wit and personality
When I gently touch a swaying tree,
I feel your soft cands caressing me.

I then realize I am a lucky Gal
For the Man I love is truly an angel from above
Body and Soul He is a breah of spring in an otherwise
Dreary World
And I love Him

Written By: Trudy Kalmbach  1992

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