Natalie Grace Mai
19 September 2003

Natalie is now 6 1/2 weeks old and doing great.  As of 9/11, she weighed 10 lb 3 oz and in great health.  She is eating well, sleeping well, and just a truly happy baby!

She took her first trip this past week to Seattle to see Traci's friends and family. She was quite a trooper on the flight and the whole trip.  She just loves to be included no matter what you're doing and is content just being along for the ride.

Here are some pictures of her from the trip as well as her "One Month Pictures" from Kiddie Kandids at the beginning of the month.
One Month Pictures
The Pictures Below are more from her trip to Washington (September 12-18th).  Click on the picture to have a larger version open up!
Natalie shares her birthday with her late Great-Grandmother Esther.  This Raggedy Ann blanket is one that Esther made for Traci before she passed away, so we thought this would be a special touch for her pictures
Natalie with Mom and Grandma
~ Six Weeks Old~
What a sweet girl!!
Bath Time and Dress-Up at Grandma's.

6 Weeks Old
On the plane ride home.  She was SO good on the plane!!
The Rest of the Month has been a fun one.  Natalie is just growing like a weed and a real trooper for all of the running around we do! 
September 26th

Dressed up to go see my Daddy at work!!
Saturday September 27th ~ At the Air Show.  She slept through the Blue Angels!!
September 28th

We finally caught some smiles on camera.  Unfortunately, I didn't take very good pictures, but here she is!
Getting So Big!!!

7 Weeks!
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