Step back with us through the misty veils of time to 12th century Europe.  Among the prosperous towns of Bordeaux, near the active trade routes of the time, is an abbey.  Nuns of virtue call the abbey home, and they minister to others with strength of heart and body.   They travel through the realms supporting warriors in their quests; whether they be on horse or foot, armed with bow or sword.
Join them in keeping the fighters healthy and prepared for battle.
(The Scarlet Sisters are a household and members of The Society of Creative Anachronism, if you are interested in learning more about the society, please visit
Please enjoy our unofficial is sung to the timeless music of "Flight of the Valkyrie"and made to go along with that proffession. If you don't know it by it's proper name, think hard of Bugs Bunny in a metal bra and you'll have it in a flash!